Compassionate, Responsible, Advocate

The values that guide me are the same as my goals if elected: Equality, Dignity, and Respect for all living in Shrewsbury.

Conversations with Beth

Check out my interview about my candidacy for Shrewsbury Housing Authority

Why I'm Running

I’m running for a seat on the Shrewsbury Housing Authority because, as a nurse, I provide care for residents in public housing facilities across the Commonwealth. I have seen both outstanding facilities, and those that sadden and disappoint me. As a Shrewsbury resident, I want the best for my neighbors, especially our seniors and  those with disabilities. I’ve spent my adult life caring for seniors and persons with disabilities. I’m running to ensure that the facilities managed by our Housing Authority provide clean, safe, and dignified living to those in need.

Our Housing Authority needs the voice of someone who can bring the perspective of caring for vulnerable residents who reside in public housing properties. As a nurse, I ensure that the health and safety needs of my patients are met. I’ll do the same as a member of our Housing Authority.

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